Mathieu Beckmann

“The horses are my life.” His goal is to produce top horses with excellent movement to level required by the customer. On top of that, all horses he produces have good conformation and fulfill the criteria of modern sport horse. With lots of love, patience and know-how the horses are educated to such a level that brings them future success. His home is located at the borders of the major breeding areas Hanover, Oldenburg, Westphalia and Holland. In all these areas he has extensive contacts with top breeders.

Tomas Vasary

His first experience with sport horses came from his childhood, when he was devoted to modern pentathlon. Later he owned a showjumping stable and also racing stable. Eventually, he settled down to dressage. “For me, a horse is not a commodity, such as a car. When selling a horse I have to devote all my energy to understanding the costumer, not only what looks they desire, but also what they want to achieve with the horse. And we can customize accordingly…” He has been fulfilling the dreams of costumers all over the world for many years and is dedicated to providing absolute long-term satisfaction of his costumers.